Holiday Edible Gift Ideas


When most people think of holiday cookies, visions of Christmas trees and angels come to mind. when most people think of a holiday family photo, you may think of those post cards that people send you of themselves and the family that stay up on your fridge until they go into the junk drawer after about six months. However, most people would never think of putting both those elements together to give as a gift, much less an edible gift.

Technology has come a long way in giving us a variety of personalized gifts that have been successful in creating great memories for years to come. The way that something you ate tasted is the best memory, it’s the one you talk about whenever the event is brought up in conversation tisk na jedlý papír Praha. The most popular choices is the photo on a cake or a cookie. The most popular events for this are weddings, wedding anniversaries,baby showers, and graduations just to name a few. The most common way has been a photo or logo printed on rice paper,however it has of late evolved into a much tastier and healthier edible ink. It is amazing how detailed even a vintage wedding photo can look on a cookie and placed lovingly on a table to be eaten and even one to be saved and admired for a long time to come.

So, how does one acquire such a personal and tasty gift? Some local bakery’s,even the supermarket bakery’s are pretty good at applying the rice paper only variety on a cake. They are usually not cheap because it takes them some doing, after all they are not specialty shops. Finding them on line is the best bet and the least expensive. You will find a lot of companies that use rice paper however the quality is not as good as the edible ink kind. Rice paper has a tendency to blur a bit and sometimes depending on the size and shape of the logo or picture they can appear a little squashed or wrinkled. I recommend the edible ink for a smooth professional look.