Factors Affecting the Shipping Container Prices


If you are thinking of buying a used shipping container to be used as an office space or personal storage at your home, or construction storage, it is best that you carry out some research first and compare the prices before buying. The shipping container prices depend primarily on the following factors:

The Condition of the Shipping Container can affect the Price

The shipping container price is greatly affected by its condition. If you check out the price of used containers in your area and you notice that it is substantially lower as compared to others then there is a big possibility that there is something wrong with it. The container might be rusted out, the frame could be racked and it is no longer watertight, or there might be some defects that you might not notice. I am not saying that it is impossible to find such deal, but it is very rare to find a container for sale in the market at very low price.


Definitely the shipping container price of the used 20 ft. is less as compared to the used 40 foot containers ราคา ตู้คอนเทนเนอร์. It normally depends on the condition and location. The 10 ft. container price are an exception to the rule. If you think that it will cost less than 20 ft. containers, think again; there are few things that you need to know about this.

The 10 ft. shipping containers use the same number of steel as the 20 ft. container does. The sides and ceilings of 10 feet may be lesser but it does not affect the price that much. Thus the prices between the two containers are almost the same even if they differ in size.

The Impact of Location and Inventory

Those companies that are located near the coastal area, particularly near the ports, may offer these shipping containers at the lowest price possible. You can check out and compare prices before purchasing. The most expensive containers are the one that is being delivered and taken to distribution centres where they are reorganised into trains or trucks. In some instances the products are kept in the containers for further transport, but there are things that are needed to be done on the containers that are still at the depot.

Normally, the containers kept at the depot remains there until the time they need to be transported to another location. The price gets very competitive for those that are left at the depot.

It may require a lot of effort, but it is possible that you can find a container in a port area and a driver can move it on your behalf. However, for this, you are required to pay an additional fee. If you want to save a little bit, you will need to find a forklift that is strong enough to lift the container off the chassis. Before purchasing it is best that you compare the shipping containers prices of different companies so you can avail of the best deal available.